10 benefits of wearing slippers

10 benefits of wearing slippers

Benefits of wearing slippers

Call them slippers, or house shoes, either way they’re not just for keeping your feet warm!  They are for so much more, especially as with changes in working habits we are spending more time at home now.  We want to look good and feel great with the footwear we chose, this should be no different with what we wear at home.

Having healthy, pain-free feet is so important for our overall health and wellbeing. It is easy to take our feet for granted - but they really are one of the keys to living life to the full. They give us mobility and enable us to stay active. Chronic foot problems can contribute to stress, anxiety, and a reduced quality of life.   Creating the optimal environment for your feet will benefit you in many ways

One of the many benefits of wearing slippers is they can help keep your feet healthy; slippers do more than just keep your feet warm or cool. When you’re at home, maybe you kick your shoes off at the door and stay barefoot. Or perhaps you keep your shoes on because you don’t like walking around on hard surfaces..

But even if you already wear slippers in the house, do you know which ones are right for you and why?

Our slipper guide looks at some of the benefits of wearing slippers, regardless of age or circumstances. We’ll also see how different slipper styles for both men and women improve foot health. Slippers solve many problems!

Benefits of wearing at home

Wearing outdoor shoes at home can be unhealthy or uncomfortable. And walking around with bare feet can cause problems too. The right slippers or ‘house shoes’ help your feet stay comfortable, healthy, and safe. Poor foot health can have far-reaching consequences. Taking a few simple steps to protect the wellbeing of your feet is an easy win.

1, Slippers provide comfort

Slippers are designed to be comfortable. They do not have to cope with the rigours of the outside world or conform to uncomfortable fashion or use-related designs. They give you a soft, cushioned surface for your feet and protect them against cold, solid floors. Walking barefoot or in socks on hard surfaces can be uncomfortable – and potentially dangerous.

2, They offer foot protection

Not all inside surfaces are clean or free from dangerous objects. Most people know how much standing on something as simple as a tiny toy brick can hurt! Slippers help protect you from dirt, dust, or sharp objects underfoot. If you’re cooking, they can even take the brunt of spills and dropped utensils.

Slippers can help prevent or minimise injury in the first place - and reduce the risk of infection. They can prevent you stepping on something that could cause an infection and protect you from other wounds that could later become infected.

3, Slippers can give you arch support

If your shoes provide proper arch support, the benefits may be undone if you wear slippers without it. Many men’s and women’s slippers are designed with proper arch support. It can help distribute pressure more evenly across your feet and improve shock absorption.

If you have plantar fasciitis, pain in your arches, ankles, or heels, or general discomfort in your feet, legs, or lower back, you might benefit from arch support slippers. Don’t just wear your shoes at home or struggle with unsupported feet.

4, Warmth

We all suffer from cold feet every now and then, especially when we’re out and about. It’s never fun! However, it doesn’t have to be icy outside to feel the benefit of slippers. Whether we’re in the cold winter months or the middle of summer, your feet can get chilly.

Slippers provide insulation and warmth and help keep your feet at a comfortable temperature. Make sure you have a warm pair for winter and a lighter pair for summer!

5, Slippers help with general hygiene

Wearing slippers indoors can contribute to better hygiene. If you prefer something on your feet in the house and wear outdoor shoes inside, you risk tracking dirt and germs into your living spaces. Mud, chewing gum, rubbish – and a lot worse – can all enter the house on the soles of your shoes.

Taking your shoes off at the door is a great habit to get into. You’ll leave all the germs behind. Put your slippers on instead – and avoid taking out the bins in them! Keep a pair of slip-on shoes by the door and your footwear will never compromise your house’s hygiene again.

6, Prevent tired aching feet by wearing slippers at home

Properly designed slippers provide additional support to your feet, helping to reduce fatigue. This makes them ideal for long periods of standing or walking around at home. If you’re in the kitchen for hours, preparing a special meal for friends or family, for example, think how uncomfortable wearing outdoor shoes or no footwear can become. The right slippers help avoid this.

7, Improved posture

If your slippers fit properly and provide sufficient support, they can help improve your overall posture. If you tend to wear shoes with a heel, going barefoot can create strain on your foot and ankle. A slipper with a low wedge can help.  Proper arch support and cushioning provides a stable and comfortable base for your feet and contributes to better alignment. If your feet don’t ache and feel tired, you’re more likely to stand tall and strong.

8, Slippers can help prevent injuries

We have already mentioned slippers can offer an extra layer of protection for your feet, but you don’t just need protection from external forces. Trips, slips, and missteps on wooden, laminate, or tiled flooring can lead to stubbed toes and bruises. Spills and polishes can make these hard, shiny surfaces slippery. Wearing slippers with good, all-round support can reduce the chances of injury. Walking around the house barefoot, in slippy socks, or cheaper, floppy slippers can be dangerous! 

9, Rest and relaxation

Putting your slippers on when you get home signals to your body that it’s time to relax. Your brain knows you’re no longer out and need to be alert to danger. You’re home and safe. This helps create that all-important sense of relaxation and comfort you need to unwind and relax.

10, Orthopaedic benefits

Some slippers are designed to address certain foot conditions. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, high arches, or flat feet, orthopaedic support and cushioning can help alleviate symptoms.  If you buy footwear to help with these conditions, why would you not want to have the same technology in your slippers?  Explore our Arch Support Slippers to discover more.

Types of Slippers

Different slippers can help your feet in different ways. At Simply Feet you will find a carefully chosen, extensive range of men’s and women’s slippers to suit every orthopaedic need, style, and taste.

Our slipper guide looks at some of the features and benefits of the different types of slippers we offer:

Mule Slippers

Mule slippers are slip ons without backs, making them easy to get on and off. This is helpful if you struggle bending down or need to constantly remove them. Simply Feet has styles designed for men and women; some that slip on, and others with fastening adjustments for optimal fit.      You will find mules to keep your feet toasty in winter, with thick cushioned soles, suede or wool uppers, and cosy shearling-style linings, and lighter summer ones to keep your feet cool.

Backed Slippers

Slippers with backs give you extra support and stability. Their design lends itself to warmer slippers for the colder months for men. Women will also find lighter ballerina-style backed slippers. Either way, there are plenty of stylish options!

Toe Post Slippers

Think flip-flops but designed for comfort as well as style. Easy to get on and off and made from light, breathable materials, toe-post slippers give you the best of both worlds. Women’s toe-post slippers are even available with arch support. They’re perfect for the summer months and after a pedicure. Take them with you on a spa day and avoid wearing the terrible ones the spa provides!

Boot Slippers

Boot slippers are supportive and can provide built-in arch support too. They are perfect for wearing around the house to keep your heels and ankles warm in the colder months. They help promote proper alignment while keeping your feet cosy. And they look great too!

Arch Support Slippers

Arch-support slippers have orthotic, contoured footbeds and cushioning, that can help reduce impact and improve stability. They can help ease conditions like Achilles tendonitis, plantar faciitis, and arch pain. Men’s arch support slippers are available with or without backs. Women will find arch-support slippers in all sorts of styles and designs, from minimal toe-post slip-ons through to lined slipper boots.  Brands such as Vionic, Strive and Skechers incorporate Arch Support into selected slippers.

Simply Feet Slippers

Many of us spend even more time at home these days and we should invest in our feet – and our footwear – here too. Now you’ve read our slipper guide, you know all the types of slippers and the benefits of wearing slippers at home. Which ones will you choose?

Treat your feet and check out our extensive range of men’s and women’s slippers. At Simply Feet we only stock slippers that are good for your feet. We choose our range very carefully to ensure our slippers should improve your foot health, not harm it. Our slippers are well structured and supportive, unlike some of the cheaper ones you might find elsewhere.

Are you ready to feel the benefits of wearing the right slippers at home? Don’t forget they make a great gift for special occasions too!