Poor Circulation

Poor circulation can cause the feet to feel cold, become sore, numb or painful. But what causes poor circulation in the feet and what can be done to improve symptoms?

What causes poor circulation in the feet? 

The flow of blood transports oxygen, cells and nutrients to through our body. When blood cells harden, close or narrow a person may suffer from poor circulation. 

Underlying causes of poor circulation include:

What are the symptoms of poor circulation?

People with poor circulation may have cold or numb feet. The feet may look red or white when circulation is reduced. Symptoms can worsen when the weather is cold or if a person sits still for a long time. 

Some people suffer from constant symptoms or when an underling condition flares up. 

How to improve poor circulation

If an underlying condition is the cause of your poor circulation, then it's best to seek medical advice and treatment from your doctor. Some at home methods for improving circulation include: 

  • Keeping active and moving the feet as much as possible. Simple leg stretches or rotation of the ankles can help to improve vascular function
  • Massaging the feet to stimulate circulation
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol as these can cause the blood vessels to constrict
  • Wear leather or wool shoes that provide extra insulation for the feet
  • Wearing two pairs of socks to provide an extra layer of warmth. Ensure your toes have plenty of room to move if layering up socks
  • Wear insoles that help with insulation
  • Use a foot warming cream

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Michelle Gibson
MSc, BSc, PGCE, MRCoP, Podiatrist
Michelle has over 30 years of experience in the NHS, private practice, and the commercial sector and is driven by her profound passion for podiatry and the wellbeing of our customers.