Heel cups

Get support that’s tailored to you with our range of heel cups. Whether you need targeted relief for a specific foot condition, extra cushioning for everyday life or athletic support, we’ve got the heel cup insole for you. Shop the range for versatile, long-lasting foot support you can trust!

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From £17.95

From £17.95

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Seamless Orthopaedic Support 

Heel Cups are orthopaedically engineered to primarily target heel pain caused by conditions such as heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. Positioned on the heel, the “shock dot” helps to absorb the shock of the ground on your foot when you walk, run or stand. The insole is anatomically-shaped to mould to the contours of your foot, for maximum comfort and tailored support. Additionally, you don’t just see the effects when you’re wearing the shoe - its design promotes natural foot alignment, which helps even out your gait. This provides relief in the long run, not only targeting the pain, but also the cause of your condition. 

What’s more, brands such as DualGel employ Never-Slip Technology. This will help ensure that the insole stays in place, which will minimise trips and falls that can worsen existing pain. It also helps prevent any blisters that could be caused by friction from an insole moving around. 

Long-Lasting Versatile Support 

However you fill your day, whether it’s with exercise, working on your feet, or lounging at home - this insole will adapt to the situation. With the right size, it will fit into any of your existing shoes with ease. This means that whatever you’re doing, you will be able to reap the same orthopaedic benefits; even whilst wearing heels and dress shoes

Ultimately, the insoles are made from durable materials that are designed to maintain their comfort and support through numerous wears. Shop the range to get the best value for your foot health and your money! 

You can find out which size is best for you with our size guide.


Heel Cups FAQs

What Are The Best Heel Cups? 

The best heel cups are those that offer shock absorption, as well as being designed to mould to the contours of your foot. It is vital that you choose heel cups that match the size of your foot. That way, you will get the most effective support and targeted relief possible. Additionally, you should ensure that your heel cups are high quality, such as the ones we offer. This means that they’ll preserve their orthopaedic benefits for as long as possible.

What Are The Benefits Of Deep Heel Cups? 

Deep heel cups provide increased stability by cradling the heel. This helps prevent sideways movement, limiting the risk of injury. Also, they help promote proper alignment of both your foot and ankle. This, in turn, helps reduce the strain on muscles, ligaments and tendons. Additionally, they help take the pressure of the heels, alleviating pain from conditions such as plantar fasciitis. Ultimately, this all contributes to positive foot health beyond the times when you are wearing the insoles.