Foot odour

What is Foot Odour?
Foot Odour (Bromodosis) is a common condition when your feet are excessively smelly all the time – all year. The foot odour can occur even though you may not have been walking or doing exercise. Foot odour can occur in anyone.

Causes of Foot Odour
There are many potential causes for foot odour. These can vary depending on the shoes – synthetic materials, tightness or wearing them daily without letting them dry; to your lifestyle – changes in hormones, stress or medical conditions such as hyperidrosis, foot ulcers or bacterial infections.

Treatments for Foot Odour
To treat dry feet, ensure you have a good foot care routine. Wash your feet daily with soapy water and dry your feet thoroughly afterwards. Change your socks daily and look for bamboo or silver socks with antibacterial properties. Same for your shoes, ensure you wear a different pair every day, letting your shoes have 24 hours to dry out before wearing them again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will foot odour go away on its own?

Foot odour will not go away on its own and may even get worse if left untreated. It is caused by bacteria and fungus that grow in warm, moist conditions, such as inside shoes. To get rid of foot odour, it is important to practise good foot hygiene.

Should I go to the doctor if I have foot odour?

Foot odour doesn’t necessarily mean you are suffering from a health condition but if you've been struggling with smelly feet for a while and home care has not helped, you should discuss it with a podiatrist.

Is foot odour a symptom of diabetes?

There is no direct relationship between foot odour and diabetes. However, people with diabetes may be more prone to foot odour due to a variety of factors. For example, people with diabetes may have poor circulation and reduced ability to sweat, which can lead to increased sweating and foot odour. Additionally, people with diabetes may have a higher risk of developing fungal infections, such as athlete's foot, which can also cause foot odour. It is important for people with diabetes to regularly check their feet and practise good foot hygiene to prevent foot odour and other foot-related complications.