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Find a solution for your every foot health need with our range of full length arch supports. Our products are orthopaedically designed to maximise comfort and support. This means you can wear your chosen shoe with stability as well as style. Shop the range to stop foot pain from holding you back! 

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Unparalleled Support Wherever You Go 

Not only are you improving your walking experience - our full length arch supports also help to restore your foot’s natural architecture with every step. Its purpose is to help reduce muscle fatigue and heel pain, as well as even out gait problems and pain caused by plantar fasciitis and other foot conditions. What’s more, the arch support does this without painfully bracing your muscles, or forcing them into a position. Instead, your foot is cushioned and supported at every step, with shock absorption to protect your heels from the impact of the ground.

Similarly, the arch support will help make sure you’re stable, minimising trips and falls that can worsen existing conditions.

Step Into Comfort No Matter Your Lifestyle 

Whatever you do, from running and sports to a day of shopping, or even lounging at home - we’re here for you.  Simply remove the existing insole, pop your arch support and you’re good-to-go, bringing orthopaedic benefits to shoes you already own. Our full length arch supports are breathable and contain anti-odour technology, creating the ideal climate for exercise. 

With durable materials from reputable brands like Healix and Birkenstock, you can rest assured that they are made for long-lasting comfort. Shop the range to enhance your existing footwear for lasting health benefits!

You can find out which size is best for you with our size guide.

Full Length Arch Support FAQs

What Are Full Length Arch Supports?

Full length arch supports are designed to cover the entire length of your shoe, from the heel to the toes. They help to correct alignment and reduce strain on the foot, relieving pain associated with a range of foot conditions.

What Does Arch Support Length Mean? 

Arch support length implies the measurement of the insole from the toes to the heel. This can vary based on the shoe size, as well as the comfort and support you require. ¾ length arch support, for example, provide targeted heel and arch support. It’s vital that you get properly sized arch supports for the best possible comfort and support for your feet.