Corns on the feet and toes can develop as results of constant friction or rubbing. But what exactly are corns and how can they be treated? Read all about corns and what you can do to minimise their symptoms here.

What is a Corn?

Corns are small areas of thick, hardened skin that is usually found over a bony area of the foot. They are smaller than calluses and have a harder centre surrounded by inflamed skin.

Causes of Corns

The main cause of corns are poor fitting shoes, as extra pressure can cause friction and rubbing. People who have Diabetes, Neuropathy or poor circulation are at a higher risk at developing corns as they may not feel the rubbing.

Treatment for Corns

To reduce the development of corns, try wearing cushioned, shock absorbing shoes or add an insole with the same features. Also, using foot creams will keep your foot supple, whilst a callus remover such as a pumice stone or foot file will keep them feeling smooth.

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