With over 100 years of expertise in footcare, Scholl have established themselves as a leading provider of footcare solutions.

With a range of fabulous products including insoles, foot masks, and blister plasters, all Scholl products have been designed to provide solutions to help with your foot troubles, from dry skin to tired and aching feet.

Our in-house Podiatrist, Mrs G, has carefully selected a range of Scholl’s products to ensure we offer only the very best products to help keep your feet beautifully soft and healthy.


Scholl is a trusted brand whose legacy is based on combining fashion and foot care, based on expert podiatrist advice. They offer a diverse range of insoles to help customise your footwear to suit your needs and alleviate pain for a range of conditions. You can even shop foot protection and skincare - shop the range to get an all-round foot care experience!

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[H2] Scholl Insoles 

Whatever your style of shoe, Scholl insoles are here to help you tailor the shoe to fit your needs. What’s more, their GelActiv® technology is designed to absorb even the smallest shocks from the ground. This means that with every step you take, you will feel cushioned and supported. The products are designed to support a day of work on your feet, or a night out on the town, without you wanting to take your shoes off at every opportunity.

They even offer pressure point padding, to help you get to the source of the pain and alleviate it. This can help you avoid worsening existing conditions, such as achilles tendonitis or plantar fasciitis, whilst still allowing you to go about your day.

Scholl Footcare

Whatever your concern, Scholl has created a bespoke solution to ease your symptoms. From remedies such as fungal nail treatment and blister plasters, to moisturising skincare products like dry foot masks. You can even neutralise odours and bring your shoes back to life with deodorising shoe spray.

Wherever you go, Scholl will be there to support you. Shop the range to start your foot health journey today! 

Scholl FAQs 

Is Scholl and Dr Scholl the same?

Yes, the two brand names are used interchangeably, as the brand is named after the founder Dr William Scholl. 

Are Scholl as good as Birkenstock?

Scholl products cannot be compared to Birkenstock ones. This is because they are specially designed with podiatrist expertise to alleviate symptoms associated with a variety of foot health conditions