Fallen Arches

Fallen arches are relatively common and happen when your feet press directly onto the ground. Discover why fallen arches occur and what treatments are available to relieve discomfort. .

What are Fallen Arches?

The main arch is found on the inside of your foot and runs from the heel towards your big toe. Also known as flat feet, fallen arches happen when the foot loses its arch shape. Flat feet can be typical in certain ethnicities and shouldn’t cause alarm unless you experience foot, knee, hip or back pain.

What causes Fallen Arches?

There are 3 arches within your foot which help with structure and function when walking, running, standing or partaking in sports. The navicular (the bone located towards the middle side of the foot) holds the arches shape. During walking this bone will naturally move up and down allowing you to adapt to uneven surfaces. However, if over time the position of the ankle bones cause this bone to move, then this could lead to a flattening of the arch.

Some medical conditions like diabetes and connective tissue disorders e.g. rheumatoid arthritis can cause the arch structure to change.

Treatment for Fallen Arches

To prevent fallen arches you should avoid wearing high heels and invest in good quality footwear that has arch support built into the footbed. Our brands such as brands such as Vionic, Strive and Skechers Arch Fit™ have a wide selection of these.

Another option is to use corrective orthotics, as these will help realign your feet and allow pressure to be directed towards the outside of your feet.

You should seek professional help and advice to find out what the right treatment is for you.

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Michelle Gibson
MSc, BSc, PGCE, MRCoP, Podiatrist
Michelle has over 30 years of experience in the NHS, private practice, and the commercial sector and is driven by her profound passion for podiatry and the wellbeing of our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a fallen arch serious?

Flat feet or fallen arches are generally not a problem for most people, however if you experience foot, knee, hip or back pain then you should seek professional advice and treatment.

Can fallen arches be cured?

Wearing arch support orthotics or arch support shoes will not cure flatfeet, but they can often reduce symptoms by helping to recline the pressure on your feet.

How do you know if your arches have fallen?

A fallen arch occurs when the entire sole of the foot touches the ground when standing. It is possible for some people to have flat feet without experiencing any symptoms, while others experience discomfort in the foot or further up the ankle, leg or hips.

Footwear brands that help fallen arches