Cold feet

It can be hard to warm up your feet when they are cold, and they may also feel dry or achy. At Simply Feet we provide a variety of specialist treatments and footwear to help prevent and relieve the symptoms of cold feet.

What are Cold Feet?

Having cold feet is a normal response to colder temperatures. The body reacts by reducing blood flow to the lower legs, leaving your feet more vulnerable. Symptoms can include weakness or pain in your feet, numbness and sensitivity to the cold.

Causes of Cold Feet

Cold feet may be your body’s normal response to temperature, but it can sometimes be an indication of a medical condition. These conditions include Diabetes, poor circulation, Anaemia, Raynaud’s Phenomenon, High Cholesterol, Stress or Neuropathy.

Treatments for Cold Feet

Try to keep your feet as warm and comfortable as possible. This may involve adjusting the temperature of your house to 18°C - 21°C, wearing soft bamboo or cotton rich socks, wearing insoles that add insulation in your shoes or applying foot warming creams.

Typical treatments for cold feet involve a change in lifestyle, such as keeping cholesterol, blood sugars and blood pressure under control, eating a balanced diet and exercising to help keep your circulation to the feet.

At Simply Feet we have a range of products to help treat cold feet, from warming foot balms to fur-lined insoles. Discover our range of cold feet products today.

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Michelle Gibson
MSc, BSc, PGCE, MRCoP, Podiatrist
Michelle has over 30 years of experience in the NHS, private practice, and the commercial sector and is driven by her profound passion for podiatry and the wellbeing of our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my body warm but my feet are cold?

Poor circulation may cause your feet to feel cold, even if your body is warm. When the air temperature is cold, your body works to keep your core warm. As a result, the blood vessels in your extremities such as your hands and feet constrict to limit circulation to the core part of your body.

How can I stop my feet from getting cold at night?

To stop your feet from getting cold at night try using heated pads or hot water bottles and surround your feet in warm blankets. People who have trouble sleeping due to cold feet, may benefit from our Natracure Therapeutic Warming Gel Booties. They take 5 minutes to heat up and provide relief from joint pain and stiffness caused by the cold.