Elevate your comfort and style with Birkenstock socks, bringing the same dedication to comfort and quality as their shoes. Whether you’re exploring the outdoors or relaxing at home, the socks are here to keep you warm and adapt your footwear to your environment. Shop the range to take comfort to the next level!

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Add An Extra Layer Of Comfort & Style With Birkenstock Socks

Birkenstock socks are designed to elevate the comfort provided by their shoes. The socks are designed with a pressure-free, elasticated cuff for effective leg grip, without adding painful pressure. 

Additionally, skin-friendly cotton offers outstanding natural comfort, with a flat toe section leaving you plenty of room. What’s more, the sock even contains original LYCRA, meaning that the sock stretches to fit you, without losing its elasticity. 

Ultimately, the chunky hiking-style sock will keep you warm throughout the day, with breathable material to keep you comfortable for just as long. Whether you’re hiking or enjoying a quiet night in - shop Birkenstock socks to enhance your everyday comfort!

Birkenstock Socks FAQs

Is It Okay To Wear Socks With Birkenstocks? 

Generally, the comfort and support of the Birkenstock footbed is best experienced without the addition of socks. However, in situations where you’d benefit from warmth, you can add in their specialised socks to provide extra comfort. It’s important that any socks you choose do not alter the fit of the shoe too much. Improperly fitting shoes can lead to blisters and rubbing, or an uneven gait. This, in turn, may worsen existing foot conditions, such as heel pain or arch pain.

Should I Wear Socks To Break In Birkenstocks? 

Whilst wearing socks can help reduce the friction and resultant blisters when wearing in the shoes, there are drawbacks. Wearing socks whilst breaking in your Birkenstocks could alter the fit and feel of the sandals. This is because socks may change the way your foot interacts with the footbed of the shoe, and the footbed is designed to mould to the shape of your foot with every wear. 

What Are The Best Socks For Birkenstocks? 

The best socks for Birkenstocks are the ones created by the brand, as they are designed to complement the existing fit of the sandals. Ultimately, the sock you choose to wear is down to personal preference, as well as tailored support required for any foot conditions you may have.