Birkenstock Boots

Blend comfort and chic style with our collection of Birkenstock boots for women. Ergonomically designed, the boots offer unparalleled comfort and support all day long. From everyday to casualwear, shop the range to find your new stylish staple boot!

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Long Lasting Comfort With Birkenstock Boots

Birkenstock makes trendy shoes, but not at the expense of comfort. Their women’s boots contain anatomically-shaped insoles for optimum comfort. They even provide support around the arch, as well as a padded heel. This helps relieve pain associated with a range of foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis and supination.

You can even remove the existing insole and add in your own orthopaedic insole, if required. This means that you can tailor the shoe to suit your needs.

Durable, High-Quality Material For All Year Round

Made from durable uppers, Birkenstock have designed their boots to be both easy to wear and clean. Similarly, they even have a mudguard to protect them from the elements, with wool padding for the colder weather. From high tops to chelsea boots, the collection is here to carry you through from day to night.

Whether you’re going on a walk, shopping with friends or out on the town - Birkenstock has the shoes for you. Shop the range to start living in comfort and style! 

Birkenstock Boots FAQs

Are Birkenstocks Recommended By Podiatrists? 

Generally, Birkenstocks are recommended by podiatrists due to their anatomical design and ankle support. However, on an individual basis, it’s vital that you speak to a professional. This will allow you to buy any additional insoles or supports required for your specific feet or foot health condition. Similarly, you should make sure the shoes fit properly. Improperly fitting shoes or incorrect supports can exacerbate existing foot health problems or pain. You can also use insoles to fill out your shoes and ensure a more comfortable fit.

Are Birkenstocks Boots Good For Walking? 

Yes, Birkenstocks are engineered to ensure support that’s tailored to the shape of your foot. Their shoes also contain mudguards and durable outsoles to protect your feet, and the shoes themselves, from the elements. Their high top style also comes with laces for secure fastening and ankle support on longer walks. In the event that you need more support, or specific condition-related support, you are able to swap the insole for an orthopaedic one of your choice.