What Causes Cracked Heels?

When the sensitive skin on the bottom of the feet becomes dehydrated, the skin can split, leaving painful and unsightly fissures on the feet. If left untreated, not only can fissures make it extremely uncomfortable to walk, but they can also lead to more serious infections. With the right information and products, however, you can prevent, recognise and treat cracked heels and feet.

Cracked Heels Simply Feet

 In general, cracked dry heels are caused by dehydration. Failing to drink enough water, not applying enough moisturiser or soaking in excessively hot baths and showers can all have a negative impact on the health of your feet. Extremes in temperature can also exacerbate the problem, sometimes leading to people scrubbing harshly at dry feet or applying unsuitable drying products.

Very sore cracks in the feet may even bleed. The pad of the heel will naturally expand when weight is applied to it —such as when standing or walking —and if the skin of the heel is not moisturised and pliable, it will inevitably crack, much like if you were to apply plaster to a balloon, allow it to dry and then inflate the balloon further.

If your heels are cracked and painful, and the condition has not improved with the use of an over-the-counter lotion, we recommend visiting a qualified podiatrist to treat the problem.

Ensure you are taking preventative steps, too. Eliminate risk factors by drinking plenty of water, protecting your feet with a specialised cracked heels treatment lotion and avoiding taking showers and baths at extremely hot temperatures. With a little extra time and pampering, you'll be kicking up your soft and beautiful heels in no time.

The dry, cold winter months can also affect the health of the skin, as can poor nutrition and failing to use a high-quality lotion. Diabetes and obesity in particular are associated with painful foot problems, as uncontrolled fluctuations in blood sugar can damage the sensitive nerves in the feet. Those suffering from diabetes should be particularly careful to examine their feet for signs of infection and seek qualified advice if there are any concerns. Obesity may also increase the chances of having cracked dry heels, as there is more pressure applied to the heel pad. Effective moisturising will help enormously with this problem.

 Why not treat your feet? Pamper yourself with our extensive and effective range of cracked heels treatment products that will be a luxurious addition to your routine. At Simply Feet, our foot balms, specialised socks, lotions and aromatherapy treatments will leave you with fragrant, soft, supple and healthy feet.